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The International Institute of Welding (IIW) appoints an Authorised National Body for Company Certification (ANBCC) under its Manufacturers Certification Scheme (MCS) for certifying companies employing fusion welding processes in manufacturing activities as per provisions of ISO 3834.

IIW-India has obtained accreditation as ANBCC from the International Institute of Welding through its International Authorisation Board (IAB) for the exclusive rights within India to operate its MCS for certification of companies for compliance to the requirements of ISO 3834.

ANBCC India is a division of The Indian Institute of Welding, and the ANBCC has been formed out of the Indian Institute of Welding Council resolutions dated April 9, 2011. The members of Governing Board of ANBCC are nominated by the Indian Institute of Welding Council. The role of the ANBCC is to act in the name of IIW India in respect of Manufacturers Certification Scheme for compliance to ISO 3834, including the:

a) Conduct of Manufacturers assessment;

b) Qualification of ANBCC Assessors;

c) Certification of Manufacturer and the recording of relevant information,

ANBCC India accepts responsibility for the implementation of the IIW requirements, for the maintenance of the agreed standards, and for promoting IIW certification. This is done in accordance with the IIW guidelines and the guidelines published in EA-6/02 (issued by the European cooperation for Accreditation), and these documents are the basis for harmonisation with the international procedures, of the assessment activities, of manufacturers of welded products under the IIW MCS, complying ISO 3834.

ANBCC India also provides pre-certification services like Trial Assessment/Survey, Gap Analysis, etc. which are aimed solely at determining readiness for assessment. These services shall not result into recommendations or advice which can be considered as consultancy and shall also not reduce the eventual assessment/audit duration.

ANBCC India provides services to industry by organizing general awareness training programmes on quality, environmental, occupational health & safety, quality management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 3834, and related standards, and other management systems and related topics. These programmes including in-house training programmes are devised in such a way that they are not company specific and are generic in nature.

The overall aim of certification is to give confidence to all the stakeholders that the certified management system fulfils specified requirements. The value of certification is the degree of public confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent assessment by a third-party. Parties that have an interest in certification include, but not limited to:

a) manufacturers of the products employing fusion welding processes

b) the customers of the organizations whose management systems are certified,

c) governmental authorities and regulatory bodies,

d) theconsumers and users of end products, and

e) other members of the public having stake in the activity of the companies.

It is understood that the principles for inspiring confidence of the interested parties include impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality, and responsiveness to complaints. The ANBCC India follows these basic principles of ethical behaviour and dealings.

The ANBCC India has a Governing Board as nominated by the ANBCC Council. The Governing Board decides the constitution of the ANBCC India in line with IIW and IAB requirements, and in conformity to ISO 17021 requirements. All policy decisions are taken by the Governing Board of ANBCC India. The working decisions are taken directly by the Governing Board or through a Management Committee (MC) on behalf of the Governing Board. The ANBCC India is headed by a Chairman who is elected by the Governing Board. IIW India is a legal entity of which ANBCC India is a division.

To ensure independence, confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of the MCS activity, the ANBCC India has been established under a separate stream of operation. ANBCC India is headed by a Scheme Manager directly reporting to ANBCC India Governing Board, working through the MC, and the Scheme Manager has the responsibility to uphold the principles as above.

The ANBCC India enters into a legally enforceable agreement for the provision of certification activities to its clients for granting and issuing certificates, management of Certification and the agreement covers all the applicable work sites of the client.

ANBCC India maintains a panel of assessors and technical experts, who are assigned jobs by the Scheme Manager as per a Guideline Document to ensure that the assigned persons have competence and have no such association or unacceptable relationship with the client which can result in threat to impartiality due to familiarity.

For further enquiries, please contact as below:



Mobile No.

e-mail ID

   Mr. R. Banerjee

   Scheme Manager

   +91 98302 55616

   Mr. Aloke Bose

   Director - MCS

   +91 8337086008

   Mr. S. Sarkar

   Executive- Finance & Administration

   +91 99037 67233

Mr. Rupam Kr. Dey

Manager-Marketing &Services

+91 9830253081


Office Address :

   The Indian Institute of Welding-ANBCC
   IIW India House
   Plot No. 38, Geetanjali Park
   200 Kalikapur Main Road
   P.O. Mukundapur

   Kolkata 700 099
   Phone: +91 33 4006 1837, +91 33 2416 0367 / 2416 0826 / 2416 0942
   E- Mail:, Website:



With a mission to be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities, IIW-India has been continuously developing itself for achievement of Assist Human resources development in Welding in India.

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