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Adoption of ISO 3834 as a Welding Management System is not just about ensuring welders and welding procedures and NDT operators are qualified, albeit these are important aspects nonetheless; it expresses the need to take into account all aspects of manufacture. In doing so and, by identifying tasks, responsibilities, appointing welding coordination personnel, the full potential of the organisation will be realised. In turn this also makes the limitations of the organisation become apparent thus identifying other needs, such as training or re training and areas which need improvement in order to meet the standard.

It is considered that in this respect, the manufacturing organisation will develop a more effective mind-set for achieving the required welding quality and thereby improve its efficiency. Adoption of ISO 3834 can bring about distinct benefits to the manufacture, his employees and also the end user.

A recent European survey carried out amongst the Manufacturers who have already implemented ISO 3834 has revealed that 85% of the respondents have found the scheme to have many managerial advantages in keeping the fabrication process under control and also have found this to enhance quality and money saving. In the same survey 45% of the respondents have been able to quantify savings in their fabrication cost.

These can be summarised as follows:

Benefits to the end user

  • Improved supplier reliability
  • More assurance of contract delivery dates
  • Greater assurance of the quality of welded products
  • Great reliability and performance of plant
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction or elimination of third party inspection costs
  • More competent suppliers of welded products

Benefits to the manufacturer

  • Reduced errors - less rework
  • Jobs completed on time first time
  • Global recognition as a competent company
  • More efficient coordination of welding related activities
  • More pro-active, better trained and reliable workforce
  • Increased opportunities to bid on jobs
  • More efficient technologies and systems
  • Effective employee succession planning
  • Greater customer satisfaction – improved customer relations
  • Cost savings
  • Potential for growth
  • Facilitates compliance with emerging European and International standards that call up ISO 3834, namely the EU Directives, and the Harmonised Product Standards.

Benefits to the employees

  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Greater job security
  • Better training
  • Higher regard by other people
  • Professional recognition
  • Satisfied employer
  • More rewarding job position
  • Develop team spirit

With a mission to be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities, IIW-India has been continuously developing itself for achievement of Assist Human resources development in Welding in India.

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