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(Accredited by NABET as a Conformity Assessment Body for Certification of Personnel as per ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Standard)

National Welding Training and Certification Scheme

The Indian institute of Welding (IIW India) – Pioneer in the field of Welding Education, Training and Certification in India.The Indian Institute of Welding was incorporated on the 22nd April 1966 at Calcutta to foster the development of welding science, technology, and engineering in India and since then, IIW-India has been serving the cause of the welding industry through its various activities and programmes. IIW-India is now recognised as the premier Institute related to welding in the country with over 4500 Individual and Corporate Members. Further, as a member society of the International Institute of Welding, it is helping to project the importance and achievements of the Indian Welding Industry to the global community.

The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) a constituent Board of Quality Council of India (QCI) has accredited The Indian Institute of Welding as a Conformity Assessment Body operating for certification of persons based on ISO/IEC 17024:2012". This accreditation is globally recognized.

IIW-India is the first organization in India to get accreditation as a conformity assessment body (CAB) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012 by NABET and have been given the accreditation number PCB001. Henceforth, all Welders Certificates issued by IIW-India would bear the NABET Accreditation Symbol along with IIW-India Logo.

The scope of IIW-India’s above accreditation covers the following:

Certification of Welders as per IIW-India’s NWTCS programs at the following levels:

  • Foundation Schemes
  • Industry oriented special scheme
  • Special schemes for expert welders

IIW India's National Welding Certification Scheme has been prepared to meet the demand of industry for welders, trained and certified to a level of competency commensurate with the requirements of any of the welder qualification and certification standards or codes i.e. IS:7310 / IS:817, IBR, ISO:9606-1, BSEN:287 and ASME Sec IX / AWS D1.1. many other.

List of various Certification Schemes for Welders under NWTCS

Sl. No. Level of Certification Scheme Scheme Name Scheme Code
1 Foundation Schemes Manual & Metal Arc Welding-Foundation
2 Industry Oriented Standard Schemes MMAW-Structural Welding
Auto Sector Welding
GMAW-Structural Welding
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Welding
3 NWTCS Special Schemes GTAW on Aluminium
GTAW on Stainless Steel
GTAW on Copper & Copper Alloy
GMAW on Aluminium
Reclamation Welding
Gas Welding & Brazing
Expert Welders

Details of the individual certification schemes are available in the IIW-India Website ( along with application forms and procedures for Certification etc. The assessment of welders for the various Certification Schemes covers practical tests, theoretical examination and viva-voce. These are conducted at IIW-India’s Approved Testing Centres (ATCs). It may be noted that Certification Schemes provide for assessment of candidates trained through both IIW-India’s Approved Training Institutes (ATIs) and Direct Candidates who have already acquired required experience and competence to fulfil the certification requirements.
Assessment and Certification as per the NWTCS Certification Schemes is conducted by the Skill Development committee through its NWTCS program.
IIW-India also puts up a list of Certified Welders in the website ( for general information.

Welder’s Certification by IIW-India

IIW-India also conducts assessment and certification of welders as per National and International Standard / Codes through its ANB-India division. ANB-India is additionally accredited to by the International Institute of Welding, IAB to conduct testing & certification of welders as per ISO: 9606 along with award of International Welder Diploma.

Welder’s Training under NWTCS

IIW-India also approves existing Welding Training Institutes as Approved Training Institutes (ATIs) provided they have the required standard of practical and theoretical training facilities and faculty as specified in the Scheme. IIW-India supports the Approved Training Institutes with Curriculum and Lesson Plans (both theoretical and practical), required for delivery of the courses to meet the requirements of the various Certification Schemes under NWTCS.

Course Eligibility

  • Minimum class VIII pass with knowledge in regional language and basic English vocabulary for all levels and processes.
  • However, students who have completed Class X / School Leaving Examination will have advantage in the learning process for both Standard and Special courses.
  • Pass at one level qualifies the trainee for access to next level of course in an IIW-INDIA ATI.
  • Lateral entry to Standard / Special level courses available for experienced welders, subject to internal assessment of Basic / Standard level course requirements by the IIW-INDIA ATI.
  • Trainees at an IIW-INDIA ATI may continue from a lower level course to a higher level course through internal assessment of the ATI for final certification test by IIW-INDIA examiner.

NWTCS Examination and Assessment

  • The ATI has to carry out regular internal assessment of the candidates who are required to maintain lesson notes and record of their Practical exercises.
  • After completion of each course, the ATI may apply for assessment and certification of the trainee welders under NWTCS. For this purpose, the candidates have to apply in the specified application form, pay the required fees and undergo assessment tests at an IIW-India approved ATC.

Procedure for becoming an ATI / ATC

Any interested training Institute may contact the IIW-INDIA Head office Skill Development Section at the address given below for obtaining details and requirements for becoming an ATI / ATC.

For further details contact:
The Indian Institute of Welding
(A Member Society of The International Institute of Welding)
IIW-India House, Plot No.: 38, Geetanjali Park,
200, Kalikapur Main Road, P.O.: Mukundapur, Kolkata 700 099, India
Tel: +91 33 2416 0826 / 2416 0942
E-mail: / | Website:

With a mission to be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities, IIW-India has been continuously developing itself for achievement of Assist Human resources development in Welding in India.

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