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Pre-application Stage

•  Step 1 – The intending client sends an enquiry to IIW India ANBCC

•  Step 2 – IIW India sends to the client a letter explaining the pre-application stage, information brochure on ISO 3834, a                   preliminary form (RFQ).

•  Step 3 – The client sends back the filled-in RFQ form and request for training (optional).

Step 4–Based on the data provided by the client, the ANBCC sends to the client a formal techno-commercial                   offer/agreement for certification (the exact scope of work, technical requirements and contract requirements) , the                 detailed application form and the documents on ‘ Interpretation and Implementation of ISO 3834 requirements'                 and ‘Guidance for the Implementation of ISO 3834 Oriented to Welded Products Standards'. The client sends                   back the formal acceptance of the contract.

•  Step 5 – The customer sends back filled-in detailed application form and the quality documents along with the applicable                    fees to ANBCC.

Application for certification/Contract review and Technical review

Based on the application and data provided, the exact scope of work, technical requirements and contract requirements are frozen and agreed. ANBCC sends a formal techno-commercial offer to the client. The client sends a letter of acceptance of the offer to ANBCC.

A pre-assessment visit is sometimes is carried out at the client's premises and is intended to gain firsthand information about the size, complexity and other information of the applicant's operations.

Pre Assessment or Adequacy Audit

This is optional and is carried out solely to determine the readiness of the manufacturer for the certification audit.

Document Audit/Review

The basic documents such as manuals, work instructions, etc. which are submitted along with the application, are reviewed for adequacy. At this stage, more documents may be asked by the auditor as necessary. Only after satisfying about the adequacy of the documentation, site audit will start.

Stage I – Certification Audit

Following documentation review, this audit is conducted at site to see if the basic system is in place and if the manufacturer is ready for the stage–2 audit. The number of assessors and assessment duration will depend upon the size and nature of operations of applicant's organisation. The findings of the stage – 1 visit are documented in a report, but no formal NC is raised.

Stage II – Certification Audit

The audit visit is an on-site assessment that takes place at the applicant's location(s) and determines conformance to the applicable ISO 3834 standard and the effectiveness of the Quality System. Non-conformances, if any, found during the assessment process, in factual terms and with objective evidences, are reported to client both during and at the conclusion of the assessment.

N.B.: It is also possible to combine Stage-I and Stage-II audit at the discretion of the auditor and if agreed by the manufacturer.

Corrective action requests:

The applicant will be required to take corrective actions within the committed and mutually agreed time for any minor non-conformances found before certification can be granted.

The certification can be granted only after satisfactory closure NCs, as verified by auditor, which may require additional site visit by auditor, the certification of the manufacturer is recommended.

If there is any major non-conformance, additional site audit may be required. It is also possible that the audit process will be terminated and the manufacturer has to start the process all over again from application. In case of more than one major non-conformance the case may be closed and fresh application process from client shall start.


ANBCC will issue a certificate of registration to the applicant once the corrective actions have been accepted and/or implemented. The certificate carries a validity of up to five years from the date of issue.

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