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Welder training Institutes in different parts of the country as Approved Training Bodies (ATBs) impart the practical and theoretical training programs under IAB GuidelineIAB-089r4-12. Prospective candidates are required to undergo training in these ATB's in the welding course of their choice. IIW-India ANB is responsible for conducting examinations conforming to International Standard of IIW-IAB & tests (Conforming to ISO 9606 / EN 287) For the International Welder course: The Diploma Certificate issued specifies different Welding Processes and Materials at three levels of increasing knowledge & skill as
1) International Fillet Welder (IFW)
2) International Plate Welder (IPW)
3)International Pipe/Tube Welder (ITW)
Supplementary Processes‘S' presently available for Specialisation (One of these must be selected) are in

Optional Material under ‘P':

The normal material for instruction is Ferritic Steel. There is scope for selecting following optional Material under ‘P'

  • Stainless Steel:  SS
  • Aluminium:  AL

Eligibility Criteria for Candidates at Entry Level to ATB

  • Must have completed Secondary Education (Class X) from a State or Central Board, or equivalent with ability to comprehend written/oral instructions in English
  • Must possess appropriate health, physical and mental capability i.e. no physical or mental disability that precludes safe operation of welding equipment or interferes with full performance of duties in industry
  • Minimum age requirements prescribed in the State and Indian Central Labour Laws applicable in the state in which the ATB is located
  • Basic skill in metal working is required as a pre-qualification

Entry at Higher Level / Module:

For suitable and eligible candidates access at higher module will be allowed on the basis of their prior knowledge and training to be examined by ATB under ANB guidance.
Exemption Application Form is available under downloadssection

Alternative Route for Qualification as International Welder:

This route opens the door for experienced welders with minimum educational qualification as prescribed for Access to International Welder's Course to obtain Diploma without attending the full curriculum at an Approved Training Centre (ATB). However they have to appear and pass all the Theory Examinations like a Standard Route Candidate attending in an ATB and weld test coupons as specified in IW Guideline under supervision of ANB Authorised Examiners and comply with requirement of ISO 9606/EN 287-1 or any other International recognised standard.
Entry form for "Alternate Route" is same as Exemption Application Form and available under downloads section

Entry Requirements

•  Have a Class X level education with proof

•   Any candidate who can show a welder approval (i.e. EN 287-1) valid under the scope for the Diploma he/she wants.

•  Evidence of 3 years of experience as a welder

With a mission to be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities, IIW-India has been continuously developing itself for achievement of Assist Human resources development in Welding in India.

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