AM – IIW Degree – Eligibility Criteria

A) Membership of IIW : The candidate must be an individual member of IIW of any category and having atleast one years experience in welding or a related field.

B) Educational Qualifications : 1) Higher secondary candidates having one year professional experience may register for AMIIW. They must study and pass examinations in about 24 papers by the time he/she completes Parts A, B & C. Part D is based on Project work under authorised supervisor after gaining prescribed one year practical experience in welding related industry. This is followed by Viva Voce examination before award of AM IIW.

2) Engineering Degree & Diploma holders are exempted from appearing in examination in some papers depending on the nature of the course attended leading to the qualification. These are based on subject combination for which exemptions can be claimed individually. An Engineering Degree holder may be eligible to get exemption in about 60% of the total papers for examination compared to about 30% exemption for a Diploma holder.

3) Engineering Diploma students in a 3 year course may be allowed to register for AMIIW in the final year but exemptions will be only confirmed one year after he passes his Diploma Examination. During this one year period the candidate is expected to acquire some practical experience in welding. This may enable him to avail some lesson help from college infrastructure.

4) Engineering degree students studying in the 3rd & 4th years in Engineering Degree Colleges are eligible to register. For them a flexible Scheme is being offered. Whereby the candidate is aware from the very beginning the subjects he will get exemption and the subjects he will have to make further studies and appear in examination after graduation. This gives him an opportunity to get acquainted with the non-exempted subjects & may select the elective subject suitably to get support from college infrastructure in studying them as far as practicable. He will also be able to appear in the non-exempted papers during studentship according to his own chosen pace & save time.

5)The students are required to undergo a minimum of one year on the job experience in welding related industry after completing all papers of Part B & Part C of AMIIW and passing final graduation examination before being eligible to submit Project under Part D.

6) The AMIIW Certificate is awarded after one passes all non-exempted papers and completing an approved elective Project work on a welding problem and Viva Voce test etc. as per IIW rule.