H. D. Govindraj Memorial Award
Sponsored by
Weldcraft Private Limited, Bangalore

This award is given to the second best Research Paper in Welding Metallurgy, Modelling, Extensive Testing presented during the National Welding Seminars / International Congress / Conference of the Institute.


Evaluation Criteria



  • Definition of the work – its objective, scope and need.
  • Is the purpose well defined?
  • Is the work original?
  • Is the industrial and/or academic significance of the work outlined? Are the expected benefits – qualitative or quantitative – described?





  • Originality of concept and approach in investigating the problem – How scientific and systematic is the approach?
  • Literature survey – Quality of survey done
  • Is the nature of information collected sufficient and relevant?
  • Comparison between the present and published data – Any important observations made from the comparison?
  • Innovation or ingenuity in setting up of experimental facilities for carrying out investigations – Any important additional information generated from this innovative method which otherwise would not have been possible?
    Appropriateness of the experimental/analytical methods employed. Accuracy of the results obtained? Any better experimental methods available?


  • Data interpretation and analysis – Is the method of data analysis the most appropriate?
  • How logical are the conclusions? Their relevance to the objectives specified by the author/s.
  • Other findings, if any, of importance other than what was specified, as a by-product during the course of investigations.
  • Overall style and effectiveness in paper writing.
  • Evaluation Procedure



WHY – 30%, HOW – 30%, WHAT – 40%


  • Tech. Committee segregate the papers into three categories
  • Research, Fabrication and Repair
  • Each paper is evaluated by three separate judges (Professors, Researchers, Welding engineers from various fabrication industries, consultants, consumable manufacturers etc.) for each category.
  • Copies of the papers are sent to the judges.
  • Their evaluation is compiled and normalised with respect to Judge’s average and the global average.
  • Care is taken to avoid the judge being one of the authors of the papers being evaluated.


The winner of this award receives a Certificate and a cash prize of Rs.10,000.00