Mr. Keith Hartley Memorial Lecture
Sponsored by
ADOR Welding Ltd., Mumbai

This memorial lecture is delivered during the National Welding Seminars / International Welding Congress / Conference of the Institute alternatively every year since 1974 to an eminent and distinguished professional who has made outstanding contributions in the field of welding in India.

Mr. keith Hartely ,Managing Director of
indian Oxygen Ltd.,a significant role
in the formation of indian Institute of
Welding and also in the promotion and
development of india

Mr. Hartley was a founder member of the Indian Institute of Welding, which was established in 1966. He was elected President of the Institute for the year 1967/68 and the two following years. This was a vital period in the young Institute’s growth and under his able leadership the Institute gained national and international recognition. The Institute was also elected a member of International Institute of Welding.
Mr. Hartley headed the Indian Delegation to the 23rd Annual Assembly of the International Institute of Welding held in July 1970 at Lausanne, Switzerland. As a Past President and a Member of the Council, Mr. Hartley was closely associated with the affairs of the Institute and took very keen interest in its growth and extended generous support – moral and material.
Since 1949 he served Indian Oxygen Limited in various capacities; in 1961, he was appointed Chief Executive-Sales and in 1963 joined the Board of the Company as Assistant Managing Director. In 1971, he was appointed the Managing Director of the Company. Since April 1974 till his death, he was concurrently the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company.
Apart from serving Indian Oxygen, he took keen interest in the development of industry in general and served a number of organisation. He was Chairman of the Eastern Regional Committee of the Indian Engineering Association, which became the Association of Indian Engineering Industry and finally CII. At the time of his death he was Vice President of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
He died after a short illness in Calcutta on 20th November 1975.


The criteria for nomination of Speaker for Mr. Keith Hartley Memorial Lecture are given below:
1.The person must be a member of the Institute.
2.The person must be an eminent personality and well known in the Welding field.
3.The person must have wide experience and knowledge in the field of Welding Technology.
4.The person must have made significant contribution in the field of Welding Technology.


Evaluation Procedure

1.All the branches will forward a nomination for this lecture with a bio-data of the person they proposed.
2.A six-member panel comprising of President, four Vice Presidents and the Hony. Secretary General will evaluate the proposal received in this regard from different branches and
select the most suitable candidate for the same and put up for approval to the Central Council through G.P Committee.

The winner of this award receive a silver plaque/medal and a scroll and deliver the Keith Hartley Memorial Lecture at the inaugural session during the National Welding Seminar / International Welding Congress of IIW-India worth Rs.20,000.00.