Panthaki Memorial Award
Sponsored by
Bakshi Chempharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

This award is given to the best Paper in Welding of Non-ferrous metals during the National Welding Seminars / International Congress / Conference of the Institute.


Evaluation Criteria



  • Purpose/Objective of the fabrication/repair and its industrial importance.
  • Benefits visualised through lower cost and higher functional efficiency.
  • Clearly defined planning and scope of work.





  • Originality of approach/novelty of design.
  • Ingenuity in the use of materials and adoption of welding process.
  • Innovation or ingenuity in setting up work, adopting procedures for higher productivity/quality.
  • Method of fabrication/repair/execution of project – how technically correct and systematic is it?
  • Final inspection/test data and performance analysis.




  • Accuracy of the results in terms of cost savings, functional efficiency, with reference to the objectives specified by the author.
  • Other findings, if any, of importance besides what was specified, as a by-product during the course of the work.
  • Overall writing style and effectiveness in communication.
  • Evaluation Procedure



WHY – 20%, HOW – 40%, WHAT – 40%


  • Each paper is evaluated by three separate judges (Professors, Researchers, Welding engineers from various fabrication industries, consultants, consumable manufacturers etc.) for each category.
  • Copies of the papers are sent to the judges.
  • Their evaluation is compiled and normalised with respect to Judges average and the global average.
  • Care is taken to avoid the judge being one of the authors of the papers being evaluated.


The winner of this award receives a Certificate and a cash prize of Rs.5,000.00