Sir L. P. Misra Memorial Lecture
Sponsored by
ADOR Welding Ltd., Mumbai

This memorial lecture is delivered during the National Welding Seminars / International Welding Congress / Conference of the Institute alternatively every year since 1974 to an eminent and distinguished professional who has made outstanding contributions in the field of welding in India.


Sir L. P. Misra,a director of Hindusthan Motors Ltd. was a notable personality in the  field of heavy Engineering industries in India


Sir L. P. Misra was a Chief Engineer with The Indian Railways. After his retirement he joined Hindusthan Motors Ltd as a Director which post he held till his death in 1964. He was an eminent engineer who had a special interest in the field of welding. He was the first Chairman of the Indian Branch of the Institute of Welding, London. He was one of the chief architects in forming the Indian Institute of Welding. Under his Chairmanship on 5th May 1960, a committee was formed to initiate action for establishing the Indian Institute of Welding. The Council of the Institute of Welding, London at the same time was sympathetic with the aims and objectives of their Indian Branch, and actually encouraged members to form an Indian Institute. Sir L. P. Misra facilitated the process by agreeing to transfer the entire assets of their Indian Branch to the new Institute. An application was therefore made to the Government of India in this respect and on 22nd April 1966, the Indian Institute of Welding was formed as a Limited company. Unfortunately, due to his sad demise in 1964, Sir L. P. Misra could not see the formation of the new Institute, which was his dream. In 1974, IIW-India instituted the Sir L. P. Misra Memorial Award Lecture in his honour, to be delivered by an eminent personality in the field of welding. The Late Dr. M. N. Dastur was the first recipient of this award.


The criteria for nomination of Speaker for Sir. L. P. Misra Memorial Lecture are given below:
1.The person must be a member of the Institute.
2.The person must be an eminent personality and well known in the Welding field.
3.The person must have wide experience and knowledge in the field of Welding Technology.
4.The person must have made significant contribution in the field of Welding Technology.


Evaluation Procedure

1.All the branches will forward a nomination for this lecture with a bio-data of the person they proposed.
2.A six-member panel comprising of President, four Vice Presidents and the Hony. Secretary General will evaluate the proposal received in this regard from different branches and
select the most suitable candidate for the same and put up for approval to the Central Council through G.P Committee.

The winner of this award receive a silver plaque/medal and a scroll and deliver the Sir L. P. Misra Memorial Lectures at the inaugural session during the National Welding Seminar / International Welding Congress of IIW-India worth Rs.20,000.00.