In the national level, IIW-India has launched a National Welding Inspectors Certification Scheme (NWICS) as a comprehensive scheme which provides for examination and certification of personnel seeking to demonstrate their competence and knowledge in the field of welding inspection. The scheme is managed by ANB-India, a division of IIW-India, for personnel education, qualification and certification. IIW India had been accredited by NABET (a division of QCI) as a conformity assessment body (CAB) as per ISO/IEC: 17024-2012 for certification of personnel.


The Inspector’s role begins well before welding starts, continues during welding operation, involves action after welding is completed, and is finished only when the results are properly reported. The aim of   National Welding Inspector Certification Scheme is to provide a pool of Certified Welding Inspectors at all levels, trained to highest level of standard for industry. The levels of certifications have been designed in line with various levels of internationally accredited certificates of CSWIP and AWS-CWI.


Based on the academic qualification, knowledge and work experience, NWICS program provides for 3 (three) levels of certification through examination:

  1. Basic level (NWIC – Basic) – Code: CWIB
  2. Standard level (NWIC – Standard) – Code: CWIS
  3. Advanced level (NWIC – Advanced) – Code CWIA

A comparison of the different levels of NWICS certification is made with the internationally accredited certificates of CSWIP and AWS-CWI.

Level 1 NWICS-Basic CSWIP 3.0 CAWI
Level 2 NWICS – Standard CSWIP 3.1 CWI
Level 3 NWICS – Advanced CSWIP 3.2

CSWIP 3.2.2



The MTD 11 committee of BIS is preparing the “General Standard for Certifying Welding Inspectors for Arc Welding Processes”, which is in the draft stage.

The standard will be on similar lines to BIS 13805 – ”General standard for qualification and certification of non-destructive testing personnel”.



Adoption of this standard by the Indian fabrication industry will greatly enhance the demand for Certified Welding Inspectors.


The certification will be beneficial to both fresh graduates looking for an opportunity as inspector in the fabrication industry and experienced persons seeking to upgrade their knowledge and acquire formal certification in inspection.


The certification examination is conducted in an Approved Testing Centre of ANB-India known as ATC. Though not mandatory, ANB-India suggests that candidates undergo a structured training program at an Approved Training Centre of ANB-India, known as ATP, at the appropriate level as preparation for appearing for the examination. The lists of ATP/ATCs are given. Candidates are advised to visit their websites and contact via e-mail for details of training, examination, along with schedule, fee structure etc.


Institutes desirous of becoming Approved Testing Centre (ATC) or Approved Training Partner (ATP) of ANB-India may contact IIW-India for details.