1 Role & responsibilities of a Welding Inspector      
  ·         Preparation and reviewing of controlling documents eg. QAP, ITP     X
  ·         Review, comment and witnessing of welding procedure and performance qualification   X X
  ·         Verification of calibration of equipments and instruments X X X
  ·         Witnessing of NDT inspection activities X X X
  ·         Verification of all stage inspection activities during fabrication X X X
  ·         Review of NDT inspection reports and activities   X X
  ·         Verification of NDE and welder’s qualification & certification records   X X
  ·         Interacting with other departments to ensure fabricated components     X
2 Welding Inspectors Check List      
  ·         Inspection documents and reports to be prepared reviewed and approved by the Welding Inspector during various stage of fabrication, in line with approved QAP / ITP such as WIE, LPT report, Raw Material Inspection report, WPS, PQR, WPQ, Pneumatic Test report etc.   X X
3 Quality Assurance of welds      
  ·         Elements of QMS and definition X X X
  ·         ISO : 3834   X X
  ·         Quality Assurance plan – Preparation & Review   X X
4 Raw materials control and traceability. + Welding Consumables      
  ·         Relevant product forms eg.plate, pipe, forgings and castings and their relevant ASTM standards for CS, SS, Al & Ni alloys. X X X
  ·         MSTP ( Material sampling and Test plan ) X X X
  ·         Welding Consumables selection and Testing X X X
  ·         Material Traceability mechanisms X X X
  ·         Material storage – PMI X X X
5 Metallurgy and Weldability of Steels      
  ·         Phases in steel, Fe – C & CCT diagrams X X X
  ·         Hardenability and Weldability of steels X X X
  ·         Carbon – Manganese steels and concept of C.E.   X X
  ·         Low alloy steels for low temperature, high temperature and high tensile service and their weldability     X
  ·         Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Duplex Stainless Steels and their weldability     X
6 Metallurgy and Weldability of Non-ferrous metals and  alloys      
  ·         Aluminium and Al alloys     X
  ·         Nickel and Ni alloys     X
7 Welding & Cutting Processes      
  ·         Oxy-fuel, Plasma and Laser cutting processes X X X
  ·         Water – jet and abrasive cutting   X X
  ·         SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW & SAW processes X X X
  ·         Resistance welding processes X X X
  ·         Arc welding power sources – Transformer, generator, thyristor & invertor X X X
  ·         Selection of power sources, AC / DC importance of polarity X X X
  ·         Advanced welding and Brazing processes   X X
  ·         Introduction to welding automation   X X
8 Dissimilar Welding, Repair Welding and PWHT      
  ·         Problems in  dissimilar welding   X X
  ·         Selection of consumables in dissimilar welding X X X
  ·         PWHT – Temperature, soaking time, heating & cooling rate, uniformity of temperature   X X
  ·         Calibration of furnace, thermo-couples and recorders   X X
  ·         Stress relieving and solution annealing   X X
  ·         Surfacing & Repair welding – preparation of work piece for repair, WPS for repair.   X X
9 Weld defects including distortion in welds      
  ·         Classification of weld defects X X X
  ·         Process related and metallurgy related defects X X X
  ·         Causes and remedies   X X
  ·         Distortion and residual stress control during design and during & after fabrication   X X
10 Quality levels for welds and Weld Quality Standards      
  ·         ISO: 6520-1 – Classification and definition of weld defects X X X
  ·         ISO: 5817 Quality levels for Arc welded joints in steel X X X
  ·         Relevant API and AWS standards      
11 Welding Joints, Symbols and Positions      
  ·         Weld joints and welding symbols X X X
  ·         Welding positions as per AWS & ISO X X X
12 Codes & Standards      
  ·         Need for codes and standards X X X
  ·         Difference between code, standard, specification and procedure X X X
  ·         Construction codes – ASME, ISO X X X
  ·         Welding Codes – ASME Sec IX,  ISO: 15609, ISO: 15614, ISO: 9606 – 1 etc X X X
13 Welding Qualification – Procedure and Performance      
  ·         Consumables qualification   X X
  ·         Welding Procedure Specification   X X
  ·         Essential, non-essential & Special essential variables   X X
  ·         Formats – WPS, PQR & WPQ   X X
  ·         Qualification ranges   X X
  ·         Destructive & non-destructive testing of samples.   X X
14 Metrology      
  ·         Nomenclature of butt and fillet welds X X X
  ·         Measurement of butt and fillet welds X X X
  ·         Weld Inspection Tools – Weld inspection gauges, fillet gauges X X X
  ·         Techniques for measurement of distortion X X X
15 Introduction to NDT of Welds      
  ·         What is NDT and need for NDT X X X
  ·         Classification of NDT techniques X X X
  ·         Different NDT modalities and applications X X X
16 Visual Inspection Theory      
  ·         Basic visual inspection X X X
  ·         Visual inspection aids X X X
  ·         VI report format X X X
  ·         Codes and standards for Visual inspection X X X
17 LPT & MPT Theory      
  ·         Basic and principles of LPT and MT   X X
  ·         Equipment and classification   X X
  ·         Report formats   X X
  ·         Limitations and advantages   X X
  ·         Sensitivity   X X
  ·         Codes and standards   X X
18 RT Theory      
  ·         Basics and principles   X X
  ·         Equipment & sources   X X
  ·         Film   X X
  ·         Radiographic techniques   X X
  ·         Radiographic quality – IQI and density   X X
  ·         Advances in radiography – DR, CR & M focal   X X
  ·         Codes and standards   X X
  ·         Advantages and limitations   X X
19 RT Film interpretation      
  ·         Viewing radiographic films with different defects     X
  ·         Identification of different defects     X
  ·         Demonstration of density     X
  ·         Selection of IQI     X
  ·         Artifacts     X
20 UT Theory      
  ·         Basics and principles   X X
  ·         Equipments, transducers and couplants   X X
  ·         Normal and angle beam inspection   X X
  ·         Factors affecting POD – Beam skewing   X X
  ·         Sizing of discontinuities   X X
  ·         Advantages and limitations   X X
  ·         Codes and standards   X X
  ·         UT report formats   X X
21 Destructive Testing of Welds      
  ·         Tensile Testing – Longitudinal and Transverse   X X
  ·         Bend Tests – Root, Face & Side   X X
  ·         Impact Testing – Room Temp and Low Temp   X X
  ·         Fillet Test – Macro & Fracture   X X
  ·         Relevant standards – Location , orientation and acceptance criteria   X X
22 Hazards and Safety in Welding      
  ·         Hazards in welding and cutting X X X
  ·         Electrical and arc related hazards X X X
  ·         Gas and gas cylinder and pipeline related hazards X X X
  ·         PPEs X X X
  ·         Shading of viewing glasses including auto-darkening helmets X X X
  ·         Ventilation X X X
  ·         Safety standards in welding eg. Z49.1 X X X
  Recommended Training hours (including practical, demo of welding processes, RT and  Destructive Testing and visit to Fabrication unit. ) 96 hrs min 48 hrs min 48 hrs min